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Ethnicity facts and figures

Government data about the UK's different ethnic groups.

82% of people in England and Wales are white, and 18% belong to a black, Asian, mixed or other ethnic group (2021 Census data).

Find information about the experiences and outcomes of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Data by topic

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Deaths and other disparities, risk factors, economic and educational impacts

  • Crime, justice and the law

    Policing, crimes, courts, sentencing, prisons and custody

  • Culture and community

    Arts, digital, museums, libraries, volunteering, transport, local area and neighbourhoods

  • Education, skills and training

    Schools, exclusions, further and higher education, apprenticeships after education

  • Health

    Physical and mental health, preventing illness, quality of care, patient experiences and outcomes

  • Housing

    Home ownership, renting, social housing, homelessness and housing conditions

  • UK population

    Population statistics and Census data, also analysed by age, location and other factors

  • Work, pay and benefits

    Employment, unemployment, pay and income, and benefits

  • Workforce and business

    Ethnic diversity in public services, staff experience and pay, self-employment and business

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